How did I get here?

I was born in Rome but grew up in Sweden, Swedish mom, Italian dad. My mother was in the fashion industry and I was dreaming of being on the runway as a little girl watching my mom's fashion shows.

I started at the age of 14, did lots of local fashion shows, dreamt of making it big but I wasn't tall or skinny enough for the modelling agencies to be interested in me. I did photoshoots and had my own modelling website with bikini/swimsuit pictures for a while.

Then, after trying different things such as IT-consulting, teaching, I finally made another dream of mine come true, that of becoming a flight attendant. I lived in the UAE for a few years and then moved back to Sweden to work for a European airline. I was there until the airline went bankrupt due to the pandemic.

I started posting selfies randomly on instagram just a year before that and it was quite a success. So while being out of a job, struggling to find another, I also continue with growing my social media, becoming better at content creation and getting different kinds of collaborations.

It seems I might have a second chance at my first dream now that my flying days might be over. At least that is what I am hoping for.